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SMSA Men’s Shed Development Training for Community Development Workers!

NEW FOR 2017/18

The SMSA have been asked by several Community Development Workers if we could provide training for them across Scotland in ‘The SMSA Men’s Shed Development Process‘ which is successfully being used across Scotland. In January 2017 the first such training was held in the Moray NE Scotland area. Many areas across Scotland have benefited from this training day. If you are an interested Community Development Worker or are starting to work with a local group setting up a Men’s Shed do get in touch with us and we will co ordinate a FREE training day for you, your colleagues in Council and TSI’s and your Shedders. 

If you would like us to come to your area, please do get in touch –

Jason Schroeder, Executive Officer 

Email Contact : jason@scottishmsa.org.uk

Telephone: 07397382533



In December 2015 the Scottish Men’s Sheds Association (SMSA), with support from the Big Lottery’s Awards for All fund, initiated community conversations across Scotland. This first ever SMSA roadshow visited Govan, Glasgow, Oban, Inverness and Lochgelly in Fife. The events were well attended, raised the profile and membership of the recently launched organisation and gave the SMSA the opportunity to listen to communities to find out what challenges they were facing in starting or maintaining a Men’s Shed. With many years of experience amongst our founding members, could we as a new Association be of assistance?  The following were the common findings and opinions highlighted during the Roadshow:

Men’s health was not a high priority if at all in communities or local councils.
Little was known about the negative impact on Men’s health when for one reason or another life changed and they had time on their hands.

None of the local councils in these areas were supportive to the local Men’s Shed steering groups when asked to initiate a Community Asset Transfer (CAT) of buildings for the Shed or even entertain the concept as something they would get involved in at this level.

Very little understanding of the importance of group constitutions, legalities, funding, health and safety protocols in setting up and maintaining a Men’s Shed.

How to successfully engage and keep motivated with each other and their community when the ‘powers that be’ appear to speak a different language and discount them as ‘useless’ and ‘past their time’.

The Scottish Men’s Sheds Association are planning our second set of Roadshows in Summer 2017. Starting in Aberdeen city, Perth, Edinburgh and Borders region.

If you would like us to come to your area, please do get in touch and we will see how we can work together. Contact : info@scottishmsa.org.uk

What our members say

In short. We already feel invigorated, more motivated, more active, healthier and indeed happier. Isn’t that what a Shed is about?- Bill B
Your advice and help in negotiating and securing us a lease has been invaluable. We wish you every success in developing the SMSA to the point that every area in Scotland will have a regional advisor.- Alan P
There have been times when the task ahead of us has seemed too much and without your presence to re-kindle our motivation we might have faltered.- Peter
Many thanks for such a fulsome conversation this morning. Both Lawson and I learnt a great deal from our chat and from your advice. Well Being!- Alan S

Men involved in community Men’s Sheds report living healthier, happier and more connected lives.

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