Our Aims

Inspiring and Supporting Scotland Shedders

Our aims

Our main aim is to support individuals, groups, corporate and charitable bodies who share the aspirations and purposes of our Association.
Our charities constitutional purposes are below. If you would like to see a full version of our constitution, please email us with your request in the Contact section.


The overall purpose of the organisation is to ensure that all men in Scotland have access to opportunities for increased citizenship and community development through the Scottish Men’s Sheds Association to impact positively on their health, wellbeing and education of them and their communities.

The SMSA will strive to:

  1. Promote, advance and support an effective and sustainable Scottish Men’s Shed movement.
  2. Represent the interests of men, Shedders, Men’s Sheds and the Men’s Sheds movement to all stakeholders including men, their community, their sheds, business, the health profession and all levels of government.
  3. Provide a direct grassroots community based service of information, guidance and support to communities, organisations and/or individuals seeking to develop a Men’s Shed within their community.
  4. Enable information sharing, communication and co-operation among Men’s Sheds in Scotland, through the provision of an interactive website and social media for Men’s Sheds and the wider community.
  5. Advance education among those taking part in Men’s Sheds and the wider public, through the provision of a service of community based presentations, workshops and seminars regarding good practice in advancing the education, health and wellbeing of men.

What our members say

In short. We already feel invigorated, more motivated, more active, healthier and indeed happier. Isn’t that what a Shed is about?- Bill B
Your advice and help in negotiating and securing us a lease has been invaluable. We wish you every success in developing the SMSA to the point that every area in Scotland will have a regional advisor.- Alan P
There have been times when the task ahead of us has seemed too much and without your presence to re-kindle our motivation we might have faltered.- Peter
Many thanks for such a fulsome conversation this morning. Both Lawson and I learnt a great deal from our chat and from your advice. Well Being!- Alan S

Men involved in community Men’s Sheds report living healthier, happier and more connected lives.

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