Meet the people behind the Scottish MSA

Our Team

Jason Schroeder

Executive Officer

Jason is the Executive Officer of the SMSA. His role entails the following:

  • To work in accordance with SMSA’s aims and purposes.
  • To promote and support good practice in Third Sector, Voluntary and Community Organisations and Groups who are involved with the Men’s Sheds Movement.
  • To support the growth of SMSA membership.
  • To develop and/or support local, national and international networks and forums, where relevant.
  • To contribute to the development and implementation of continuous improvement within SMSA and the Scottish Men’s Sheds Movement.
  • Represent SMSA on all levels externally, as required
  • Enable and facilitate Scottish government, Scottish councils and third sector engagement and participation in national and public policy.
  • To disseminate information, signpost and coordinate access to information and training.
  • To be an effective member and contributor to the SMSA.
  • To participate in SMSA meetings, events & projects.
  • Liaise with the graphic designer in the design of SMSA print media and all other promotional material.
  • Keep the website and all social media, (Twitter, Facebook, You Tube) updated and/or support those designated to do it.
  • Men’s Shed Development
  • To engage with groups and individuals in localities across Scotland who have expressed an interest in developing Men’s Sheds to enhance the wellbeing of those taking part, with an emphasis on men over the age of eighteen with ‘time on their hands’.
  • To directly build the competence and the capacity of interested groups and individuals in existing developmental positions, developing and delivering effective training to oversee and take forward the supporting roles required of such activity-based schemes (Men’s Sheds) in their communities.
  • To create and deliver roadshows around Scotland which promotes the aims and purposes of the SMSA.
  • To identify examples of good practice from within Scotland and other countries, drawing on the knowledge and support of national Men’s Sheds Associations and other specialist voluntary and community organisations, networks, intermediary bodies and support agencies.

Jason started creating the Men’s Shed movement in Scotland in 2009 after hearing a talk about Men’s Sheds by Dr Neil Bruce, Chairman of New Zealand Men’s Sheds. After the successful creation of Scotland’s first Men’s Shed in Westhill, he resigned from his role as a Council Development Officer in Westhill and went on to be the full time Men’s Shed Development Officer for Aberdeenshire Voluntary Action from 2013-2016. In 2016 he became the Executive Officer for the Scottish Men’s Sheds Association charity. He has a professional background in publishing and business management and served in the South African Marine Corps. He has lived in Scotland since immigrating from South Africa in 1997.

Michelle Wibrew

Communication & PR Officer

Michelle is the Communications Officer at SMSA and is responsible for the delivery of ‘The Scottish Shedder’ newsletter, press releases, social media channels, interactive website and publicity materials.  It is her role to promote the Men’s Sheds Movement in Scotland and keep our members and supporters updated with the latest news, events, funding opportunities, health matters, recipes, DIY projects and much more.

Michelle has over 20 years’ experience in the third sector and has worked for both a Third Sector Interface and one of Scotland’s leading co-operative societies to serve and meet the needs of its members through events management and communications, design, PR and marketing support.

What our members say

In short. We already feel invigorated, more motivated, more active, healthier and indeed happier. Isn’t that what a Shed is about?- Bill B
Your advice and help in negotiating and securing us a lease has been invaluable. We wish you every success in developing the SMSA to the point that every area in Scotland will have a regional advisor.- Alan P
There have been times when the task ahead of us has seemed too much and without your presence to re-kindle our motivation we might have faltered.- Peter
Many thanks for such a fulsome conversation this morning. Both Lawson and I learnt a great deal from our chat and from your advice. Well Being!- Alan S

Men involved in community Men’s Sheds report living healthier, happier and more connected lives.

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